Map Help

Map Help

The Map shows the location of all traffic affecting Road Closures, Roadworks and Planned Events active now or in the near future.

To navigate around the map, click and drag with the left mouse button.Alternatively use the directional arrow controls

Directional Arrows

Use the slider control to adjust the zoom level. Alternatively, double-click with the left mouse button to zoom in and double-click with the right mouse button to zoom out.

Zoom slider

The overview map, located at the bottom right-hand corner of the main map, provides context to your location on the main map. Click and drag the grey rectangle to re-center the main map.

Overview map

Select the time period from the 'Timescale' drop-down list


Position the mouse cursor over an icon to see summary information about the event


Click on an icon for more detailed information about the event


Refresh the information on the map using the 'Refresh' button


Toggle specific icons on and off using the toggle buttons at the bottom of the map

Toggle buttons

Map Icons


Roadwork icon


Event icon


Collision icon


Incident icon

Car Parks

Car Park icon

Variable Message Signs

VMS icon


Train icon


Bus icon

Icon colouring is Green for low severity, Orange for medium severity, Red for high severity and Grey for unknown or non-applicable severities.